Sunday, December 8, 2013

Adenoids, Ears & Tears

Of course I don’t remember anything about those first few years, but I think I must have cried a lot and my parents most probably rocked me to sleep because to this day I can still be comforted by rocking myself to sleep! I’m sure I did cry a lot because at the age of 13 weeks I was found to have abscesses in both ears and at the tender age of 16 weeks & 3 days I was given an anaesthetic and they removed my adenoids. It was to be another 9 weeks before I could keep my food down, during that time they were giving me castor oil and milk of magnesia, that would be the reason for the ‘green motions’ I guess! Poor Mum & Dad!
Just as I was starting to improve I started teething, by age six months I had two teeth and weighed 15 lbs 10ozs, that was about when they found I was allergic to spinach! I grew out of that allergy eventually, shame, I could do with an excuse not to have to eat it! Sometime before then we had moved to 75 Grafton Rd, Grafton which is now a busy business area on the way to the city, with a few of the old houses on the opposite side of the road, as you can see from this view driving down Grafton Rd.
I seem to be happy enough in this photo, ears and all! By 12 months I had 9 teeth and the castor oil had been swapped for cod liver oil! At 14 months I had 10 teeth and was starting to walk,  and once again I was treated for abscesses in both ears. On the 10 Apr 1942 I had 12 teeth and was 31 inches tall, weighing in at 26lbs 6ozs – and this is where my Plunket book ends. Four months later my first sister was born.

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