Thursday, December 5, 2013

Blog Name

I was going to name this blog ‘Me’ as it’s going to be the continuing story of my life growing up in Auckland. So much has changed over the 73 years since I was born and as I love to reminisce about the ‘good old days’ to anyone who will listen it seemed like a good idea to blog it!

If nothing else I’m sure my grandchildren will get a good laugh from it in years to come. As one of them put it one day - ‘you’re old Nana’ – I’d better get on and do it before it’s too late.

As I go along I will include the happenings in the world during the years I’m talking about, like this one which happened a few months before I was born:-

* May 1940 – Nylon hosiery went on sale to the general public for the first time, it was a huge success: women lined up at stores across the country to obtain the precious goods. The first year on the market, DuPont sold 64 million pairs of stockings.

But from 1942 most nylon production went into parachutes and tents, so stockings were scarce during the war, we probably didn’t get them in NZ until long after the war finished.

The photos are of 42 Wellpark Ave when I was living there and how it looks today. #42 was the reverse image of the lovely old bay villa at #40 before Dad rebuilt & what he called ‘modernised’ it in the 1950s, totally ruining it!


One day I was playing around with the latitude & longitude of NZ & so was born the name I decided on,  –36,174 South.

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